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SLVMS Rules and Expectations

San Lorenzo Valley Middle School

I understand and agree to the SLVMS Discipline Policies

I understand that if I break these rules, there will be consequences for my actions


 Students will be Safe on campus. They will not throw anything at school.  Skateboards and scooters must be kept in the skate locker and must be walked while on campus.  Bikes must be locked into the bike rack. The skate locker is open 10 minutes before and after school.

 Students will not bring objects that are inappropriate for school.  This includes, but is not limited to, cameras, hand-held video games, water balloons, toy guns, slime, dangerous objects, or any items of this nature. They will be confiscated and the school resource officer may be contacted.


  •  The school cannot be responsible for the loss, damage, or theft of any item or money. Any item that is brought to school is at the student’s risk.
  •  Students are not allowed to sell items of any kind at school, this includes all non-school related fundraisers.
  •  Students will not touch, take or have in their possession anything that does not belong to them, unless they have permission.  Students will not take, hide, or damage private property of the school or other students.
  •  Theft of any kind will not be tolerated.
  •  SLVMS is a non-contact area.  Touching another student in any way will not be tolerated.
  •  Students will not participate in rough play.   Play-fighting is fighting and will be treated as such. Excuses such as we’re just messing around, or goofing around do not justify inappropriate behavior.
  •  SLVMS is a hands-off area.  Students will not hold hands, hug, kiss, sit on, lay on, or put hands on another student in any type of romantic manner at any time while on campus or going to or from school.


 Students will refrain from any actions that can be considered sexual harassment.  The definition can be found here


 Students will not cut or be late to class, or leave class without permission as they will be considered truant.

 SLVMS is a closed campus.  Students will not go anywhere outside the Middle School boundaries during school hours.  Students attending high school classes or serving as elementary TAs are exceptions. Students are not allowed to hang out at SLVHS or SLVE during lunch or brunch.

Bullying is not permitted at San Lorenzo Valley Middle School

o   Bullying is an individual or group repeatedly using physical, verbal, or cyber actions in a negative manner toward or in regard to another person.

o   Bullying is also purposeful, with intent to harm, and involves an imbalance of power, either physical or psychological.  

o   Bullying is never justified and is not excusable as kids being kids, just teasing, just kidding around, or any other rationalization.

There are Three Types of Bullying:

o   1. Physical Bullying is the repeated use of force toward a person's body or personal belongings. 

o   2. Verbal Bullying is the repeated use of negative and/or damaging words, including both spoken and written, directed with malicious intent toward or in regard to another person.

o   3. Cyber Bullying is the use of social media, email or electronic devices in a negative manner toward or in regard to another person. Unlike other types of bullying, a single instance of any online harassment can be viewed as Cyber Bullying because a single instance can live online forever.

 Bullying Report/Response Procedures

o   Bullying incidents should be reported to a staff member preferably an administrator.

o   Staff members will report bullying incidents to administration.

o   The bullying behavior or threats will be investigated quickly and fully.

o   Parents of both victim and perpetrator will be informed and may be summoned to the school for a meeting about the problem.

o   The bullying perpetrator will meet with the school counselor and/or administrator to understand the seriousness of his/her actions and to learn appropriate means of changing behavior.

o   There may be a range of corrective consequences for the perpetrator.

o   After the incident has been thoroughly investigated and dealt with, faculty and counselors will monitor and check in with both students to ensure that bullying does not resume or reoccur.


There are serious behavior infractions, which lead to automatic suspension and possible expulsion.  These include:

o   Fighting, attempting or threatening to cause harm to another person.

o   Having a knife, gun or any weapon on campus.

o   Having or being under the influence of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, vaping, or possessing drug paraphernalia.

o   Robbery or extortion and vandalism.

o   Tampering with a fire alarm.