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SLVMS Rules and Expectations

San Lorenzo Valley Middle School

I understand and agree to the SLVMS Discipline Policies

I understand that if I break these rules, there will be consequences for my actions
1. I will not call other students names. I will not tease or be mean to other students. I will not insult, swear, or use racial slurs towards other students. I will not participate in bullying of any kind.

Continued bullying behavior will lead to suspension and could lead to arrest and expulsion.

2. Going to classes is not optional. I will not cut class, be late to class, or leave class without permission and a pass.

3. SLVMS is a non-contact area. I will not punch, slap, kick, trip, push, shove, headbutt, poke, flick, smack, or hit another student in any way, with any part of my body or any other object.

This could lead to an automatic suspension and possible expulsion from the school district

4. SLVMS is a hands-off area. I will not hold hands, hug, kiss, sit on, lie on, or put my hands on another student in any type of romantic manner.

5. I will not ride a bike, skateboard, or scooter on campus. Skateboards and scooters must be kept in the skate locker. Bikes must be locked into the bike rack.

6. SLVMS is a closed campus. I will not go to the high school, the elementary school, or anywhere outside the Middle School boundaries during school hours.

7. I will not throw anything. Ever. I will not throw rocks, bottles, cans, sandwiches, hats, books, pencils, garbage, food, school supplies, or anything else. A ball on the field during a game is the only exception.

8. I will not touch, take or have in my possession anything that does not belong to me unless I have permission. I will not mess with, take, hide damage or destroy the private property of the school or other students.

9. I will be respectful to other people on campus. I will not talk back or be argumentative to adults who work for the school. I will speak and act with respect toward teachers, counselors, campus supervisors, secretaries, custodians, teacher aides, administrators and other students.

10. I will not bring objects that are inappropriate for school. This includes IPods, MP3 players, Video Games, hard baseballs, water balloons, toy guns, razor blades or any items of this nature. They will be confiscated and returned only to parents.

Multiple infractions will cause further consequences.

11. I can have a cell phone if I keep it in my backpack from 8:00 am to 2:19 pm. I may not take my cell phone out or use it in any way during school hours. If I do, it will be confiscated and returned only to a parent and a LTD will be given.

Greater consequences for multiple infractions.

12. I will follow the dress code of SLVMS. I understand that each day I show up at school breaking dress code, that I will be given PE clothes to wear and will pick up trash at lunch that day.

School employees will assign more severe consequences for students who habitually break dress code. Dress code is an all-day, every day rule.

13. I will be a responsible citizen in my classroom. I will not disrupt class, engage in unsafe or defiant behavior, or make it difficult for the teacher or the other students in the class to learn. I will never challenge the authority of a teacher or school employee.

14. Cheating will not be tolerated. First offense: F on assignment plus teacher assigned consequence. Multiple offenses: consequences assigned by administration, which could include suspension and failure of entire course.

15. When there is a substitute teacher in my class, I will treat that teacher with respect and follow all rules of the school. I understand that consequences for disrupting a class with a substitute may be more severe than in normal circumstances.

16. I will not use profane or inappropriate language while on school grounds. There are no exceptions to this rule. Trashy mouth = trash duty.

17. I will not participate in rough play during breaks. Games may not include pushing, shoving, tackling, tripping, grabbing, or any other inappropriate or unsafe behaviors.

18. I understand what types of actions can be considered as sexual harassment and I will not participate in any of these behaviors.

19. I understand that there are serious behavior infractions, which lead to automatic suspension and possible expulsion. These include fighting, attempting or threatening to cause harm to another person, having a knife, gun or any weapon on campus, having or being under the

influence of drugs, alcohol, tobacco or possessing drug paraphernalia, robbery or extortion, vandalism or tampering with a fire alarm

I understand that I will lose the privilege of attending a dance if I receive an In School Suspension Home Suspension within 30 school days of a dance.

I understand that when I receive 10 referrals or 10 days of suspension and or In School Suspension, I will lose all of my extracurricular privileges (dances, assemblies, and athletics.)