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Common Core Math Courses

San Lorenzo Valley Middle School has fully implemented the new Common Core Standards in Mathematics, and has revamped both the math courses and sequence of courses for our students. District-wide, the decision was made to follow the International or Integrated Math course sequence.

There are no longer be courses teaching only one type of math, such as Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Algebra Readiness or Geometry.
Courses integrate developmentally appropriate concepts from each of these courses into the three grade-level math courses to be taught at the middle school.  These courses are 6th Grade Math, 7th Grade Math, and 8th Grade Math, and will be the courses most students take at SLVMS during their time in middle school.

The process of accelerating advanced math students has also changed.  We now accelerate students going into their 7th grade year.  SLVMS will offer a course called Accelerated Math 7. Students who are recommended to advance after sixth grade will be placed in this class and learn both the 7th and 8th grade standards during their 7th grade year. Students who successfully complete this course will be placed in a section of High School Math 1 during their 8th grade year. High School Math 1 is the first-year High School Math course.

Accelerated students who successfully complete their advanced courses will be one full year ahead of their peers on the grade-level math track.

Math Pathway:
Most Students:                                                      Advanced Students:
6th grade-- 6th grade math                                   6th grade-- 6th grade math
7th grade-- 7th grade math                                   7th grade-- Accelerated math 7/8
8th grade-- 8th grade math                                   8th grade-- Math 1
Freshman-- Math 1                                                Freshman-- Math 2
Sophomore-- Math 2                                             Sophomore-- Math 3
Junior-- Math 3                                                      Junior--Math Analysis or AP
Senior-- Math Analysis or AP                                Senior--AP or Cabrillo math