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Rules for Adults on Campus

We welcome parents and family to a be a part of daily life here at school, but we must ask that you follow a few safety procedures:

1. ALL ADULTS who do not work for the school MUST sign in at the office before coming on campus and then wear a visitor sticker. EVERY TIME. Even if you are regularly in a room, or your child is part of a different school such as the Nature Academy Charter School or Charter Homeschool, you must sign in EVERY time you come on campus. This is a SAFETY ISSUE and there are no exceptions.

The inconvenience of signing in each time you arrive on campus is far outweighed by the school’s ability to keep the campus safe. Please do not just walk past the office to a classroom, even if you are expected by a teacher in the classroom. We are now stopping people and re-directing them to the office.
Please save us the both the time and come inside and sign in and get a visitor sticker.

2. If you need to talk with a teacher about your child, please schedule a time to talk with them. You may e-mail the teacher directly, call and leave a voicemail for the teacher, or call the office and ask us to leave a message for the teacher. It is not okay to simply walk into a teacher’s classroom before, during, or after the school day unannounced to discuss an issue. Scheduling an appointment ensures a far more productive discussion for both parent and teacher

3. All adults must sign a confidentiality agreement to be able to volunteer in class. This is a district-wide policy and the form is available in the middle school office.

4. We ask that when the school day is over, that children not remain on campus unsupervised. We know that school is a fun place for kids to congregate, but supervision on campus is not available for very long after school and bad things can happen when kids are left unsupervised.   Students may be in the library until it closes at 3:30, in a teacher’s classroom to get help, or participating in after-school sports, drama, music, or clubs.  But just “hanging out” on campus after-school is not a good idea for anybody.

We request that any student not participating in some kind of adult-supervised after-school event be off campus by 2:45 pm.

Thank you for adherence to our safety procedures.