Incoming 7th Grade Elective Options

Below are the options for elective courses next year. As always, there could be changes due to staffing in the fall-for example, the wheel options might change. 
Fill out the Google Form while signed into your school Gmail account. You will be able to edit your choice until the survey is closed.
Make sure to discuss your choices with your parent or guardian. The elective classes sign-up will be open until Tuesday, 4/25.
Choice A: Red and Black Band (beginning)- Year-long band. Concert band -requires performance.
Choice B: Panther Band (advanced)-Year-long band class. Concert band-requires performance.
Choice C: Leadership-Year long class, plan weekly school spirit events, dances, traits skills
Choice D: Wheel; Graphic Design, Art, Computer Science, Theater (one class per quarter, switching at the quarter end)
Directed Studies-ONLY check this if you are currently enrolled in Directed Studies and will be continuing next year.