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Principal's Message

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Quarter One Progress Reports Coming Soon!

Teachers will be turning in Grades for the 1st Quarter Progress Report next Wednesday, September 24.  

That means most will be closing their grade books on Monday or Tuesday.  

Please take some time this weekend to go over grades with your child and work to get any missing assignments completed to turn in on Monday.

A reminder that school athletic eligibility will be based on this progress report.


School Site Council Parents

Thanks to Lauren Krikke and Alissa Nolan for volunteering to fill the two open slots for parents on the SLVMS School Site Council.  

They join returning parent, Kris Clarke to complete our 2014-15 School Site Council team of teachers, staff, parents, and students.

As there were only two volunteers for the two spots, an election was unnecessary.

The SLVMS School Site Council team assists in the development of the School Site Plan, monitor and approve certain school budgets, learn about school programs, and serve as a communication link to the represented groups in the school community.  

Student GMail Accounts

SLVMS Students have been issued GMail for Education Accounts to be able to access new online academic resources at home, as well as communicate with teachers and peers on assignments through Google Drive and GMail.

These are school accounts for academic purposes and are not private accounts.  Students cannot send or receive emails from this account outside of the school web addresses.  All emails are archived before sending and deleting the email or account does not affect the archiving.  Teachers and administrators can access and read any email sent on this school account.  There is also a profanity filter that will automatically send an email with profanity directly to the school principal.

So far this year, students have been using these accounts at school and at home without incident and we are excited to be moving forward as a 21st century school.

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The Magazine Drive has begun. Your child should have brought home an informational packet last week, however everything can now also be done online. The Magazine Drive is the only school-based fundraiser at SLVMS and the funds raised through the Magazine Drive are used to pay for many important student activities and programs. These programs include sports officials, which is a big part of keeping sports free to play at SLVMS. We also use these funds to support our Drama productions, school assemblies, and spirit events. We have purchased picnic tables, and benches to increase student seating at lunch. The proceeds also help to fund the end-of-year, eighth-grade picnic and Advancement Ceremony.

Please support SLVMS by helping your child to raise money in the 2014 magazine drive. 

It is a great way to raise money for the school and also for individual students to earn prizes and cash for their efforts. 

Thank you.

You can directly access the Magazine Drive Website at the web address below:

Powerschool is now up and running for parents to access grades and attendance online. 

You should have received your access code, password, and instructions on how to use the Powerschool Parent Portal in the mail.

You can access the PowerSchool Parent Portal at:

There is also a link to the Parent Portal on the SLVMS Website.

If you are experiencing difficulties accessing your child’s information please contact System Administrator, Gail Heagerty, at or call 335-4425 ext 117.

SLVMS Information

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Eligibility Rules for SLVMS Athletics:

Eligibility is established twice each quarter with Progress Report and Report Card

Must have a 2.0 GPA and receive no F grades to be eligible for school athletics

Students who become ineligible cannot resume eligibility until next eligibility grades

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Boys Soccer

Day              Date Opponent Place    Time

Tues Sept 23 Branciforte B-40 3:40 pm

Thur Sept 25 Shoreline SLV 3:40 pm

Click here for full Boys Soccer Schedule


Girls Basketball 

Day              Date Opponent Place    Time


Tue Sept 23 7th Jamboree SLVHS 3:40 pm

Wed Sept 24 7th Jamboree SLVHS 3:40 pm

Wed Sept 24 6th Jamboree SVMS 5:00 pm

Thu Sept 25 8th Jamboree M Hill 3:30 pm

Fri Sept 26 8th Jamboree M Hill 3:30 pm

Click here for full Girls Basketball Schedule

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Cross County Practice

Cross Country Meet is today at 3:45 on the Scotts Valley High School Track

8th Graders run at 3:45

7th Graders run at approximately 4:05

6th Graders run at approximately 4:25

Come out and root on our Panthers!

Click here for full Cross Country Schedule

Attendance Matters!

A Letter on Attendance from a Santa Cruz County Superior Court Judge

Superior Court of California

Our goal this year is to ensure that every student attends school regularly.  

Showing up for school has a huge impact on a student’s academic success starting in kindergarten and continuing through high school. 

Even as children grow older and more independent,  families play  a  key  role  in  making  sure  students  get  to  school  safely  every  day  and  understand  why attendance is so important for success in school and in life.  

Truancy is often considered an “early warning sign” that a young person will become involved with criminal behavior. 

According to the latest research from Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, 82% of prisoners are high school dropouts.

We realize some absences are unavoidable due to health problems or other circumstances. But, we also know that when students miss too much school— regardless of the reason – it can cause them to  fall  behind  academically.  

Your  child  is  less  likely  to  succeed  if  he  or  she  is  chronically  absent.  

Research shows that children who are chronically absent in kindergarten and 1st grade are much less likely to read at grade level by the end of 3rd grade. A child is chronically absent if he or she misses  just  two  days  every  month!! 

Kindergarten  counts.  It  is  important  in  establishing  good habits.  By  6th  grade,  chronic  absence  is  a  proven  early  warning  sign  for  students  at  risk  for dropping out of school.  By 9th grade good attendance can predict graduation rates even better than

8th grade test scores.  Clearly going to school regularly matters!

We don’t want your child to fall behind in school and get discouraged. Please ensure that your child attends school every day and arrives on time. Here are a few practical tips to help support regular attendance:

•    Help your children keep a regular bedtime and establish a morning routine.

•    Ensure your children go to school every day unless they are truly sick.

•    Avoid scheduling vacations or doctor’s appointments when school is in session.

•    Lay out clothes and pack backpacks the night before.    

•    Talk to teachers and counselors for advice if your children feel anxious about going to school.

•    Have a backup plan for getting to school if something comes up.  

Please, let us know how we can best support you and your children so that they can show up for school on time every day. 

We can help if you have issues around food, clothing, or school supplies. 

We want your child to be successful in school! If you have any questions or need more information please contact me or your child’s counselor.  


Honorable Heather D. Morse

Santa Cruz County Superior Court



2014-15 SLV Middle School Online Calendar

The SLVMS Calendar is always online at:

There you can find the daily bell schedule (AOE) as well as a calendar of events.

SLVMS Panther Club

Panther Club will be selling “Drive For Schools” tickets starting sometime next week.  

Please be on the lookout for more information coming soon!

Have you visited the The Panther Club’s SLVMS Amazon Store to find out how your on-line Shopping can raise money for SLVMS? This is the Panther Club’s easiest fundraising program. Basically, you can support the school while shopping at!   With a couple extra mouse clicks, SLVMS will receive money for everything you buy on  No new account, nothing to do differently except for entering the homepage through our school’s Amazon web page.  Simply click on the link below and then click on the Amazon link at the top of the page to start raising money for SLVMS by doing some online shopping:


After School Art at SLVMS

Thanks to a grant from the Community Foundation Santa Cruz County, four week art classes are provided for $25 to SLV Middle School students,  There will be three sessions of 4-week classes held in Room 11 at SLVMS from 2:30 - 4:15 pm.

The classes are for students grades 6-8, enrolled in SLVMS. Class size limited to 15 students on a first-come, first-served basis. The cost is $25 per 4-wk sessionThere is a sliding scale fee available to families in need. Please call 336-4ART.

Online Registration is NOW AVAILABLE

For more detailed information about the classes, go to:


Register for this class by clicking here

4 Thursdays, October 2, 9, 16, 23 - 2:30 pm4:15 pm

Students will have an opportunity to explore a variety of cultural artmaking traditions, colorful collage materials and media while examining art techniques used to create compositional mood and the illusion of deep space in the picture plane.

All Adults Coming on Campus Must Check in at the SLVMS Office - EVERY TIME

We welcome parents and family to a be a part of daily life here at school,  but we must require that you follow a few safety procedures:

ALL ADULTS who do not work for the school MUST sign in at the office before coming on campus and then wear a visitor sticker.  EVERY TIME. Even if you are regularly in a room, or your child is part of a different school such as the Nature Academy Charter School or Charter Homeschool, you must sign in EVERY time you come on campus. This is a SAFETY ISSUE and there are no exceptions. 

The inconvenience of signing in each time you arrive on campus is far outweighed by the school’s ability to keep the campus safe. We do not know every parent by sight and while you are welcome here, for the safety of our children, please sign in every time you come on campus.

Thank you for adherence to our safety procedures.

Just a quick reminder about medications at school as we hit cold and flu season.

School employees are not permitted to dispense any type of medication to students without a signed physician's note.  This includes all over the counter drugs such as Ibuprofen and Benadryl. A parent can come to school and give a child medication, but school employees cannot.

Please be aware that ALL District sites are considered CLOSED between Sunset and Sunrise.  Unauthorized personnel are NOT permitted on District school sites between Sunset and Sunrise. This will be enforced by District Security as well as the local Sheriff's Department. Please share this information with all of the members in your household.  This is to ensure the security of our facilities and the safety of our staff and students.  Thank you for your assistance.  

The SLV Education Foundation is an active 501c3 non-profit organization in need of revitalization, new energy and new leadership. 

Serving all SLV students primarily through various community and fundraising efforts, the Foundation has in the past helped fund such student programs as class-size reduction. The Foundation is now looking for volunteer leaders interested in finding ways to help improve and fund classroom improvement, teacher assistance and after-school/summer activity programs; and even a program to ensure that all students are provided technology and instruction on its use as a part of their education.

If you or someone you know are energetic, hard-working, and committed to the idea that our students deserve the absolute best opportunity to excel that our community can provide, then please consider joining as a leader of the SLV Education Foundation. 

Questions – contact George Wylie, 338-0578 or georgewylie@yahoo.com1-

In response to students and members of our community who are highly allergic to fragrances and scents, the SLVUSD Board of Trustees adopted a California School Board Association policy to make all district classrooms and offices fragrant neutral.

SLVMS has parents and/or students with respiratory issues who can have negative reactions to fragrances. Please take care to follow the policy while on campus.  The announcement is below.

Staff and students shall refrain from bringing furred or feathered animals, stuffed toys that may collect dust mites, scented candles, incense or air fresheners and from using perfume or cologne, scented hair spray, nail polish or nail polish remover that are not fragrance-free in classrooms or other enclosed areas or buildings. The public shall be made aware that there is a growing number of people with fragrance allergies or sensitivities that can have mild to severe health consequences, including asthmatic attacks and other respiratory issues.15

Schedule for the Week of September 22 - 26

 Monday    September 22 A Late Start A Day - School Starts at 8:50 am
 Tuesday September 23 O
 Wednesday  September 24 E 
 Thursday September 25 O 
 Friday  September 26 E

Helpful Links for SLVMS Families

Join the Panther Club!
All parents and guardians of our middle school students are welcomed as members of our nonprofit parent/teacher organization. Our members work closely with teachers, staff and students to help provide the highest educational experience, both academically and socially for SLVMS students.

Visit the Panther Club webpage
to learn how we support our students and staff
—and find out how you can help.
And please, join our email list!

Next Panther Club Meeting
To Be Announced

in the Staff Lounge! Come join us! 


 We welcome parents and family to a be a part of daily life here at school.
If you are interested in volunteering for lunch supervision or want to visit your child's classroom, 
we must ask that you follow a few safety procedures. All visitors must come to the main office to sign in, receive a visitors pass, and/or set up a classroom visit.
Click on the Link Below to view SLVMS Adult Safety Rules


Online Student Registration/InfoSnap




Click Here for SLVMS Panther Athletics Page

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Click on the icon to go to Parent & Student Powerschool login

Click  to access PowerSchool Parent Portal User Guide


DON'T FORGET to call the attendance line 
when your child will be absent.
SLVMS Attendance Line: 335-3812


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