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Daily Bulletin



Today is Monday October 21, 2019

It is an E Day and you should be in your second period class

The schedule this week is E, O, E, O, Minimum A Day



Today is that last day for Drive for Schools:.  Tickets for the Drive for Schools Fundraiser are on sale now!  You can win great prizes including a car!  Tickets are available in the front office.  They are $5.00 each or 6 tickets for $25.00!  Be sure to turn in your tickets and payment by the end of the day today for a chance to win!




P.E Department plans to continue the tradition of emptying the P.E. lost and found at the end of each quarter. Items from the lost and found will be laid out during the last week of the quarter for students to reclaim. Please stop by to take a look to see if any of your items are in the lost and found.  Parents are welcome to come by and search for missing items before and after school.  All items will be donated after October 25th


Ghoul-o-Grams! 50 cents each, come buy some to send to your friends!! Your friends will receive a Ghoul-o-Gram along with a caramel apple lollipop. You can send them anonymously or sign your name. Either way, your friends will receive a sweet treat on Halloween. We are selling them this week. 


Lunchtime Indoor Soccer is Coming. Signup your team or as a free agent with Mr. O'Brien. This will be 5 vs. 5 There is no out of bounds with indoor soccer. No experience no problem. The deadline to sign up is this Friday.