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Principal's Message

Greetings San Lorenzo Valley Middle School students and families!
As we enter this upcoming school year, we are filled with optimism and determination.  We are optimistic that we can give our students the support they need to succeed academically after a year of distance learning.  These supports include not only academic support, but social-emotional support and education so that our students can be ready to learn.  We are filled with determination because we believe that the "unfinished learning" that we have from last year can be integrated into this year's curriculum so that our students move forward and have the prerequisite skills they need from the previous year.  
A primary focus for the year will be our students social and emotional well being.  Learning is a social and emotional process that only occurs when students primary needs are met. This includes feeling supported at school and home to do their best and learn from their mistakes.  We create a growth mindset for our students by supporting them to believe that they can achieve and be successful in all areas of their life. 
This year we will also be focused on creating Equitable teaching and grading practices that allow students to demonstrate their learning and to be involved in monitoring their progress along the way.  We will continue to use the Schoology learning management system so that parents also have access to monitoring their students' progress.  We will be providing training for Parents who need support.
If last year taught us anything, in San Lorenzo Valley we know that we are better together.  We know that by supporting each other we can make it through difficult times.  These life lessons from last year give us the grit and determination to move forward and take on the challenge that this year represents.  Our entire staff is here and available to work with the students and families to meet your needs and most importantly to ensure that all our students are successful and prepared for college and career and life beyond school.
We remain, SLV STR💟NG,
Terry Redfern
Principal SLVMS