You are Cordially Invited to Volunteer for

The Afterlife • Halloween Dance
Friday, October 28, 2011
Time: 5:00–7:00 pm
Middle School Crematorium (Gym)

Tickets: $7.00 • Bring $$ for food treats and photos (Bring lots of $1 bills!)
Tickets on sale at lunch Monday through Friday during the week of the dance by the Leadership Class.

Is your blood pumping in anticipation? There are many exciting volunteer opportunities to choose from. Please read the following and let me know what you'd like to do.

Coordinators Needed!
Please volunteer to be the point person for any of the following. I have a good idea of what you'll be responsible for, so contact me for details.

Set Up
Bring your tools, ladders, and ingenuity. There are perimeters to secure and lights, bodies, and spiders to hang.

Haunted House
The Haunted House is a designated area only limited by the diabolical genius of the coordinator and minions. It could be an entryway, a tunnel, or safe structure.

Decorate and Decompose
Let your Wicked Martha loose! (Finally a real reason to spray paint a turkey carcass!) Last year, volunteer teams "adopted" areas of the crematorium to decorate. Great idea! We're offering entryways, walls, passages, floor space, ceilings, dungeons—and more! Grab a few buddies and make The Afterlife come alive! Your team/your creation, individual volunteers, decoration donations or loans—all wanted: dead or alive.

Do you have any Halloween decorations that you would be willing to lend or donate?

Poisoned Pantry (Coordinator: Katie Snyder)
Thanks everyone!

Baked goods can be brought directly to the gym after 3 p.m. on Friday the 28th. Or, if you have to drop-off before 3, bring them to the front office to be put in the teachers room.

Cure their sugar cravings for good with sweet treats disguised as something really gross! (One could only hope). Provided: Pizza, popcorn, water, drinks—but no poisoned apples! Victims Volunteers to setup, sell, put away and clean up. Good coffin-side manners a plus. Contact Katie Snyder if you'd like to participate with the Poisoned Pantry or need to make arrangements to drop off treats.

Creepy Carnevil
Carnival games were a surprise hit last year. Who knew? There are beanbag toss games at the Quail Hollow District Office that need to be got. Looking for inspired (and resourceful) souls to create frightening activities. Also needed are game operators who despise cheaters.

Work with the Creepy Carnevil folk to resource tricks and treats for the players. Donations accepted!

Chaperones: The Walking Dead (Coordinator: Jeff Calden)
In addition to being spellbound by the antics of middle-schoolers, imagine telling other people's kids what to do (or not do) and watch them do it (because they are not your kids). Consider coming in costume so no one will know who you are. (Well, except WE will know who you are. Get my drift?).

Cleanup Team
This task is sometimes thought of as drudgery. But think of it as a time where we revel in what a good time was had by all (while we sweep), relive funny and remarkable stories of the evening (while we pick up garbage), and quickly look forward to the rest of the weekend. Creatures of all heights welcome. Rumor has it: it's quick work.

Studio Photography

Kids will have fun mugging for the camera (and each other) and will have a lasting memory of the evening. Can you be the person who captures their souls? Our last year's photographers are not available this year—opening up the opportunity for this exciting position. Preferably a team position as duties include collecting money, keeping track of sales, printing images and distributing back at school. Not so scary—we have the system from last year. Also, photographers will need to supply their own equipment (cameras, lighting, backdrops, etc.)

-->>Insert your idea here<<--

Contact me.

Still a Lost Soul? We'll find a special plot just for you.
Many hands make fast and easy work. Volunteer a little—or a lot! And, thank you for helping to provide a fun, memorable, and safe event for the students of SLVMS.

Please reply soon with your preferences for volunteering, ideas, and/or offerings.
I'm looking forward to working with you!

Thank you to the following who have sold their souls to The Afterlife! Can we add your body to the list?

Dance Coordinator

Set Up

Laurie Becker (coordinator)

Lynn Wapner
Susan McKay
Joy Hagan

Boyd Tveit (Sign Painter, Extraordinaire)
Dean Ackemann
Jessica Corona
Richie Solomon
Kati King

Michele MacNair
April LoFranco (Game keeper)
Jennifer Hennig (Dances and paints with spiders)

Decorations and Exhibits
Townsend Tribe: Haunted Entryway
Heather Chinello
(Witches Stew, a hands-"in" activity for the brave)

Studio Photographer

Help me here!

Walking Dead Chaperones
Jeff Calden (coordinator)
Roger Wapner
Kathleen Kiyabu
Karen Clark
Gary Clark
Joy Hagan
Christina Wise
Steve & Chloe Andrews
Leslie Nicolett
Boyd Tveit
Lynn Wapner

Games and Prizes
Raissa Gale (Eyeball Toss and prizes!)
Alison Appleby
Clay Murphy (prize donations)
Karen Clark (prize donations)

Poisoned Pantry
Katie Snyder (coordinator)
Rob Snyder
Susan McKay
Jennifer Kanter
Joy Creelman
Melissa Avilla
Susan Andrews
Rhonda Ferguson
Diana Renner
Jean VanAusdall

Baked Goods

Susan McKay
Melissa Avilla
Jeanna Corellus
Jane Hood
Kati King
Phyllis Tyveit
Jeff Forhan
Anne Brown
Richie Solomon

Clean Up
Laurie Becker
Mark Becker
Clay Murphy
Alison Appleby

Lost Souls
(soon to be buried in a suitable plot)
Wendy Sigmund