Metro Bus Pass Guidelines


These are the Guidelines from the Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District:

1. Name, address and check number MUST be imprinted on all personal checks. 

2. NO temporary checks allowed.

3.  Checks must be for the amount of purchase ONLY and made payable to SCMTD.

4.  The following must be recorded on the BACK of ALL personal checks:

California Driver's license number, expiration date, date of birth and a daytime telephone number.

5.  SCMTD will assess the customer a service charge for all returned checks regardless of the amount of the check.


1.  Out of state, payroll, two-party, non-preprinted or incomplete checks.

2.  Check written in pencil

3.  Check written for OVER the amount of purchase.

4.  Checking account deposit slips.

Money Orders or Traveler's checks must be written for the exact amount and VERIFIED with a valid CA ID.

Questions or Concerns regarding the check policy should be directed to the Ticket Specialist at 831-425-3882 or 425-8600.  

There will be a $15 service charge for each returned check and checks will be submitted to the District Attorney's office for collection and therefore it is essential to follow these guidelines.