Emergency School Closure Procedures

San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District

Emergency School Closure Notification Procedures

Superintendent will make the decision to close school(s)
Superintendent contacts County Office of Education (COE)
COE contacts local news and radio stations

San Lorenzo Valley Middle School
An automated phone call will be sent to the parent phone number listed on file with the school (if possible)
An informational email or newsletter will be sent to parents who have an email on file with the school (if possible)
A recorded message will be set on 335-4452 telephone line and on the Attendance Line 335-3812 (if possible)
Principal (or designee) will be on campus for students that may not have received the message that school is closed and show up.
Message will be posted on Highway 9 marquee (if possible)
Tune in to your local television or radio news station for information updates (if possible)