Daily Bulletin


Today is Thursday December 8th

It is an O Day


Are you getting tired of that pack of Tomato soup in your cupboards, no worries end you're tired days right there. All you have to is bring one or more of that tomato soup or any canned food to your Social studies class and bamm. Now let's have that sink in you have just gotten rid of  your boring tomato soup but you have just helped feed a child in need, your helping yourself and someone else now you feel great. What if I don’t have a can food? Well do not worry there all you have to do is bring one dollar to the office and bamm you feel great too, because that dollar is equal to one can which is one step closer to beating Mr. Oliveri in water balloons and having him eat baby food. Now let’s go help those children in need.


Would you like to earn some holiday money and support families in our valley?  Our Winter Carnival will be held on the last day before Winter Break – Thursday, December 22.  If you would like to have a booth at thecarnival, you must submit an application to the office by Wednesday, December 14th.  50% of your profits will go to the Valley Christmas Project and you keep the other 50%!!  Applications for Winter Carnival are in the office and library.See Mrs. Hackett with questions.


Academic Intervention day is tomorrow-  On Academic Intervention day, all students must report to their assigned classroom for attendance and then the teacher will release the students who qualify for free time.  Copies of the list of Academic Intervention classes are posted in the front office window, the library, outside room 5 and a few other places on campus.   


Bay Area Sports Day – The spirit day for tomorrow is Bay Area Sports Day - wear your most awesome 49'ers, Raider’s, Warriors, Giants, A's, or Sharks gear on Friday.  Remember - you must show effort to get a spirit ticket!


Today in History


On this day in 1980 Beatle John Lennon was shot in New York City.


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