SLVMS  24 Hour Attendance Line: 335-3812
Attendance Contact: Natalie Moreno, Registrar

 Absence Policy

*     Parent or guardian must call the attendance number at 335-3812  to report any student absence

*     An automated message will call home each night to report absences. If parents answer the call and leave a message about the absence on the machine, no further contact is required

*     Parent or guardian must leave a date, reason, and phone number when reporting an absence

*     If an absence is not reported within three days, the absence will be recorded as unexcused

*     California Education Code recognizes only the following reasons as excused absences: personal illness; religious holidays; medical or dental services; death in the family or funeral; and/or school                       suspension

*     All other absences will be recorded as unexcused

*     Family vacations and trips out of town ARE NOT excused absences.  Teachers are not required to give work nor meet to re-teach material to students who have missed school due to an unexcused   


*     If a student is absent from the school day, that student may not participate in any extracurricular school activity that day, including sporting events and dances.  This applies to both excused and 

        unexcused absences.

*     After-School detention will be assigned to unexcused absences to make up the time that students missed.

*     Habitually absent students and their parents will be referred to the County School Attendance Review Board


Tardy Policy

*     Tardies are disruptive to the learning environment and inhibit a student’s ability to benefit from instruction

*     Parents or guardians must sign the tardy student in through the office

*     For multiple tardies, students may receive campus beautification and/or lunchtime detention for being late to school or class

*     Habitually tardy students and their parents will be referred to the County School Attendance Review Board

*     Excused reasons for being late may be an appointment or sickness

*     Traffic and weather can present problems on the road, but are not reasons for excused tardies


Taking your Student out of School during the School Day

*     SLVMS is a closed campus

*     Students must stay on the middle school grounds from the time they arrive until dismissal

*     Students must bring a written parent request to the office in order to leave campus for any reason

*     Only persons listed in the student’s emergency contacts may take a student off campus

*     When a student leaves and/or returns to school, a parent must sign the student back in through the office

*     Leaving campus without permission or parent contact with the office is considered a cut and will involve a consequence