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Daily Bulletin



SLVMS DAILY BULLETIN                Today is Monday February 25, 2019

It is an ERA Day

School will be dismissed at 1:40



The cut-off for Q3 progress report grades is tomorrow, Tuesday, February 26th.  Get your work down and make sure you have no D's or F's so that you can participate in a DOUBLE Academic Intervention Day!

Students with no D's and F's on their progress report grades will be able to participate in free time on Thursday the 28th and Friday the 1st.  Electives and PE count.  Play games in room 10, read or hang out in the library, enjoy some athletic fun, or just hang out in the quad with your friends...and you will be able to have your phone!

If you have any D's or F's, any outstanding campus beautifications or lunchtime detentions you will stay in the classroom and have the time to work on your work to get you caught up.  

Get your work done so you can have this giant two day privilege!


Panthers: TOMORROW IS PAJAMA DAY!!!  Wear your coziest pajamas and get a spirit ticket!



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